Commercial Boat Sales

If you’re in a marine business, buying a new vessel can be a major acquisition.

Commercial Boat Types

  • Commercial supply boats
  • Commercial trawlers
  • Commercial fishing boats
  • Charter dive boats
  • Workboats
  • Barges
  • Charter boats: cruisers for fishing charters, functions, boat hire operators
  • Ferries
  • Longliners
  • Pilot boats
  • Commercial passenger ships
  • Jet boats

New Boat Sales

Many new commercial boats are purpose-built and/or built to order. Engaging with the right boat builder that understands your business sector and has experience building boats for your specific purpose is key to a successful outcome. In Australia, commercial boat builders include Baldwin Boats Commercial Marine Australia and Pacific Marine Engineering amongst others.

Used Boat Sales

The used commercial boat market offers a good selection across a number of categories. Several of the online boat sales websites have devoted specific categories for their commercial boat listings. Such as

As commercial boats is a specialised area, sourcing a quality used vessel that meets your specific requirements may best be achieved by using a qualified and experienced marine broker with experience in commercial boat sales.

Specialised marine brokers have good contacts through the commercial marine industry and will more likely know when boats are coming up for sale. They can also search across Australia to source the right boat to meet your requirements.

Commercial Marine Finance Options

As commercial vessels are a major acquisition, sourcing an effective finance solution for the purchase is equally a major consideration. There are a range of commercial finance products available, including:

  • Marine Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Boat Leasing
  • Marine Chattel Mortgage

Each product offers a range of benefits depending on your business structure and objectives and you should consult with your financial advisor or accountant as to which is most suited to your business.

Sourcing such finance can be challenging, so using the services of an experienced marine finance broker can be extremely helpful in overcoming many of the hurdles presented by the banks. Ensure the broker you select is accredited with a wide range of banks and lenders. Especially, industry-only lenders that specialise in marine finance. They will have a better understanding of your business and should be in a position to offer more competitive finance deals.

We know people that specialise in marine finance and can provide you with their details.