Fishing Boats for Sale

With fishing one of the most popular recreations in Australia, it’s not surprising that there is a massive range of fishing boats on the market. Whatever your budget, your fishing style, your choice of waterway and how many mates you want to invite, there’s a fishing boat that will suit.

For a basic aluminium ‘tinnie’ dinghy it’s hard to go past Quintrex. The brand is an icon and continues to be popular year after year. From a dinghy it’s up to the trailer boat category of fishing boats which is probably the largest and most competitive. Flexible, relatively easy to tow, no mooring or marina berth required, trailer boats are available in a large range of sizes and configurations. Half-cabin, full cabin, open boats, bowriders, runaboats, flybridge – so you are spoilt for choice.

  • Probably the first decision is whether you will buy a brand new or a used boat. That usually comes down to price, or affordability. Speaking with a finance broker about a cheap boat loan before you start looking at boats can be good move. We know people who operate in that space and can share their details.
  • Another major consideration is what type of fishing you engage in – inshore or offshore. Some boats are specifically designed for offshore fishing with more powerful engines and durable hull design than may be required for lake and river fishing.
  • Do you want purely a fishing boat or will there be days when you just want to take the family out? That may determine if you want a cabin or open boat and also the size.

Popular trailer boat fishing boats include: Stacer, Haines, Barcrusher, Evolution, Horizon, CruiseCraft, Sharkcat and Quintrex as a very small selection of what’s on offer. Many dealers offer great boat, engine and trailer packages for new boats or you can select your boat and separately select the outboard that matches your requirements.

Luxury Fishing Boats

In the larger categories of fishing boats, just about any cruiser will make a fantastic boat for fishing when decked out with all the right gear – bait boxes and fish finders etc. In the mid-range look at the Sunrunner, Sunseeker, Sea Ray, Chris Craft and the Mustang ranges.

But for the ultimate in luxury offshore expeditions to catch the big ones, you’ll probably have your eye on a Riviera or other quality top-end of the range luxury cruiser. Built in Australia, the Riviera is a quality brand and one of the favourite choices for fishing charter operators.

Tip: a cheap boat loan will add to your fishing enjoyment. Using a marine finance broker is a great way to source the best loans.