House Boats for Sale

House boats offer a unique lifestyle as a full-time residence, a great option for holidays and for some, a good business opportunity. House boats are quite a niche market and new houseboats are usually custom-built to order. However, some manufacturers will have new models available for immediate purchase.

To source a second-hand houseboat, the manufacturers, some boat brokers and the online boat sales websites will usually have supply. At time of writing, has a small selection of used house boats listed in price ranges from $60,000 for a basic 1995 model to $500,000 for the ultimate in luxury, with spa included!

Custom-built and New Houseboats

Houseboats is a specialised area and to buy a new vessel, you will need to contact a specialist houseboat builder. Most are custom-built to client specs so you can get involved in building your own boat.

Decisions around design include:

  • Mono or catamaran/dual hull. Catamarans tend to be more stable and hence more suitable to rougher water conditions. Monos are best for cruising rivers and lakes.
  • Moored or moving? Will your houseboat primarily be stationed in the one location or do you want to cruise the river or lakes.
  • Number of levels? Contemporary designs include 2 or even 3 levels but single level models are available.
  • Accommodation capacity, kitchen and entertaining facilities.
  • Facilities to store and launch toys and PWCs

Houseboat Builders

There are a number of great houseboat builders in Australia, located primarily in Victoria due to the popularity of house boats on the Murray River.

  • Anchorage Houseboats in building houseboats in Australia and will work with you to customise your boat to your requirements. The company invites clients to visit their factory in Eildon, Victoria, to see their facilities and take a sneak peek at what projects they currently have under construction.
  • Baldwin Boats are also highly regarded houseboat builders, having been in the business since the 1970s. Based in Mildura, you’ll see a lot of Baldwin-built houseboats cruising the Murray River.
  • The Houseboat Factory, located in Eildon Victoria, offer a luxury range of new houseboats for sale that include everything you can imagine – and more! Absolute floating palaces. Check them out at

Enjoy sourcing your houseboat builder and designing your houseboat. To ensure you can budget accordingly, why not organise pre-approved finance. Head to our finance page for more info.