Jet Skis for Sale

Jet skis and personal watercraft (PWC) are the pocket rockets of the boating scene. Super-charged fun, relatively easy to trail, store and ride and available in a range of price brackets. Jet Ski is actually the name of the craft developed by Kawasaki but has morphed from a brand name into the vernacular to describe all types of watercraft in this category.

Types of Personal Watercraft – PWCs

There are a number of different manufacturers active in this sector and each offer a range of models. The most popular are Kawasaki Jet Ski, Yamaha WaveRunner and SeaDoo and all offer a range of models to suit different riding levels.

Jet Ski

Kawasaki started the Jet Ski brand over 40 years ago and through the popularity of these craft, the name has become synonymous with PWCs. There are 3 main ranges: Stand up, Non-Supercharged and Supercharged. The different models in each range have capacity from 1 to 3 passengers so your mates can come along for the ride.

The small size make these craft easy to tow and suitable for a range of waterways: lakes, rivers, bays or offshore fun! You will need a licence to ride one, so check with your state maritime department for requirements. You’ll also need safety vests. New Kawasaki Jet Skis are available through a network of dealers across Australia.

Sea Doo

Sea Doo offer a range of craft which can be set up for fishing, tow sports, general recreation, leisure, performance and touring. The have capacity for seating 1 or 2 people and storage for the gear required for that recreation. Great way to get out on the water for the day!

Sea Doos tend to be larger than Jet Skis. You can source a new Sea Doo from their dealer network.

Yamaha Waverunner

Yamaha’s range of PWCs is the very popular Waverunner. Available in high performance, luxury performance, recreational and recreational lite, these units offer performance and flexibility. Just run it up on the beach, easy to tow and seating configurations for up to 3 passengers.

As with all Yamaha products, they have a large dealer network for new units.

Used PWCs

To source a second hand jet ski or other personal watercraft, head to the online boat sales websites. or even check out gumtree and ebay.

When buying a PWC, ensure you have the skills to handle the horsepower of the unit you select, a trailer and vehicle suitable for transporting it and you have all the right safety gear.

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