Sailboats for Sale

For the purists, sailing is the way boating should be enjoyed. You, your friends and the wind in your sails. Simple ideas but selecting a sailing boat or yacht can be a more difficult task. The range of sail boats and yachts on the market is massive starting with the dinghy-style preferred for novices and children learning to sail, to a comfortable mid-sized yacht for family enjoyment and club racing, to the high-tech, high performance speed machines that race Sydney to Hobart and beyond each year and then there is the ultimate, cruising yachts that most can only aspire to own.

Selecting a Sailing Boat

Considerations when selecting a yacht include:-

  • Your sailing capabilities and skills. If you plan to sail alone, you’ll want a model that is designed for single-handed sailing. If you’re a novice, then you’ll be looking for an easy-to-sail option. If you’re more experienced and yearn to have your name on that club championship trophy, then more of a racing design could be your choice.
  • Length, size and capacity. The length and overall size of the yacht will determine how easy it is to sail and in some cases, the accommodation and level of creature comforts included. But the longer racing yachts have very few creature comforts below deck, so ensure you select the right style for your adventures.
  • Deck layout. Manufacturers offer a range of deck layouts to suit different sailing styles. The models predominantly designed for racing may have minimal areas to relax and entertain guests on a mid-week harbour sail.
  • Creature comforts: For the recreational sailor who intends to stay on-board, the below-deck layout and configuration is critical. These boats will tend to have a broader beam to allow for more accommodation. Galley and bathroom facilities can range from very basic to ultra-luxurious. When ordering a new yacht, many manufacturers will give you the opportunity to customise the boat to suit your style.
  • Berthing is something to keep in mind. Where are you going to moor or store your sailing boat? Some marinas and authorities governing moorings will charge fees based on the length of the yacht.

New or Used

The used yacht market is quite competitive and as most yachts are built from high-tech fibreglass, they can have a very long life. If buying second-hand, ensure you check the condition of fixtures and particularly the sails. New yachts can be inspected at dealer locations at marina locations around Australia. Some popular and tried and true sailing brands include Farr, Adams, Northshore, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Hanse and Catalina.

Using the services of an experienced yacht broker when buying new and used can be extremely helpful. And when it comes to organising finance for your yacht, using an experience marine finance broker can also offer significant benefits. Read more on our finance page.