Used Boats for Sale

Both sail boats and power boats are built to withstand tough conditions. So it follows that they’re built to last a long time. But boat owners are always trading-up to their next boat, leaving a great selection of quality vessels on the used boat market.

Sourcing a used boat that suits you, has become much easier, thanks to several online selling platforms and the great websites provided by boat brokers and dealers.

The choices for buying a used boat are primarily:

  • Private sale: buying through a private seller who has advertised their boat online. With no commissions or fees to pay to third parties, buying privately and direct can make the transaction more affordable. But you need to follow due diligence and best practice in: checking out the condition of the boat; possibly engaging a marine engineer to give you a professional condition report; verifying the seller’s credentials and checking the history of the boat.
  • Broker: boat brokers are a great way to source a used boat for sale. Many boat owners will place their vessels on consignment with a broker to save them the hassle of selling privately. A broker will most likely have done most of the checks required to ensure they can validate the quality of the boat – their reputation and their business depend on this! A broker usually has an office at a marina where they have many boats on display so you can check out several at the one place. They usually offer sail and power so you can compare the options on-site. If you’re after something in particular, you can give a boat broker your brief and they’ll do the work to find the boat you want.
  • Dealers:as differentiated from brokers, boat dealers usually specialise in selling new boats, often of one particular brand or several and they have traded-in stock to sell. As they have accepted the boat as a trade-in, you should be able to assume, that they have done the required condition checks and other verifications. If they specialise in new boats, they may be keen to quickly move their used stock and happy to negotiate.
  • Auction:many auction houses have regularly scheduled boat auctions and you can check out what’s coming up on their online sites. Remember, when buying at auction, there will be fees to pay based on the purchase price.

Boat Sale Sources

Probably the most popular online selling platforms is It’s been around a long time, starting life as a large printed catalogue before moving online. As the site specialises in boats, many sellers are keen to list as they know it’s a site that attracts the buyers.

Boat brokers and dealers are available in all states and an online search will give you details of one close to you. To ensure the credentials of a broker or dealer, refer to The Boating Industry of Australia has a Code of Practice. Some states will require professional boat sellers to be licensed. This is your assurance in regard to consumer protection.

We know boat brokers that have great selections of used boats for sale. Contact us if you would like their details.